Which Material Is Better for Sex Dolls: Silicone or TPE?

TPE and silicone are the two main materials used to make sex dolls.

Silicone: sometimes known as silicone rubber or silicone. It is an amorphous material with a strong adsorption activity. It has a high mechanical strength and flexibility, is tasteless, non-toxic, chemically stable, and insoluble in water and other solvents. It also does not react with any other chemicals save hydrofluoric acid and strong alkalis. On the other hand, silica gel is typically more expensive because to its poor tensile qualities, high manufacturing costs, low softness, and general hardness.

TPE: It is a type of thermoplastic elastomer material that has great coloring, high strength, high resilience, properties that facilitate the injection molding process, a wide variety of applications, and environmental protection. In addition to its high processing performance, it is gentle to the touch and resistant to weather, fatigue, and temperature changes. It can be independently molded or molded in two shots; TPE material is more affordable and has good expertise. However, subpar TPE goods consist of Long-term use will have an impact on taste and generate oily, sticky hands in humans.

TPE dolls and silicone dolls each have benefits and drawbacks of their own. If finances allow, consider selecting silicone dolls. Try to select Silicone sex dolls or TPE sex dolls from reputable brands if you wish to get one. Although it costs more than most, the quality is higher and it is more comfortable to use.